Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Pope Benedict touches down in the United States

Shepherd One landed right on time this afternoon, bringing Pope Benedict XVI to the United States for the first time as pope, he has visited the U.S before. President Bush, Laura Bush and their daughter Jenna paid Pope Benedict the honor of meeting him at the airport—the first time Bush has done so for a head of state.

In following the papal visit I was curious to see how the media would cover this -- I was fearful they would take this opportunity to highlight every problem, scandal, and issue facing the Catholic Church in America. So far they have not disappointed. The New York Times dedicated almost their entire lead story of the pope's arrival to the sexual abuse scandal: The Pope's Visit to the U.S. - Pope Benedict XVI - The New York Times: "Pope Arrives in U.S.; Expresses Shame Over Priest Scandal"

Could they not wait until their second story to go there? I understand the need to report on the matter, the pope himself addressed the issue on the flight over, but why do you have to make the entire article about that? Why wouldn't you cover the story that was unfolding? "The arrival."

The Washington Post did a much better job of reporting the Holy Father's remarks on the scandal (as they should) without turning it into a dark read and capturing the momentous event.Pope Benedict XVI Arrives in U.S. - washingtonpost.com

After all, for many, this is a happy and welcome event. For this writer, it is a very welcome event, and I sincerely hope the media can give the pope an opportunity to allow his message to be heard.

ABC News did a good job reporting as well: ABC News: Pope Benedict XVI Arrives in U.S. for Six-Day Visit As expected CBS News reported mostly on the abuse scandal as well as other negative points: Pope Touches Down In U.S. , President Bush Greets Benedict XVI For His First Papal Visit To The United States - CBS News NBC did better:In U.S., pope to stress moral values - Pope in America- msnbc.com

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