Friday, April 11, 2008

Schools' new prom fever: Giving condoms to kids

When did we take the control away from parents and give it over to school boards to determine whether or not sexual activity is appropriate for prom night? Am I missing something here or is this not affirmation to prom kids that hooking up is nor only acceptable, but expected? In fact, by giving condoms in a gift bag, I dare say its encouragement.

What they thinking? Are they thinking that they’re going to do it anyway so lets protect them? How many decades do you have to do this failed policy before you notice that not only doesn’t it work, but; you’re producing a nation of over-sexed fornicating kids with out any morals.

They’re kids for heaven’s sake, let them be kids without screwing up their lives with overcomplicated adult issues. If you expect them to have these adult type relationships, they will. If you expect them to do the right thing in life, they’ll do that. Expect the very best from our high school kids, no, demand it. Parents wake up. I would freak if my son or daughters received a pack of condoms in their gift bag at prom night or any night for that matter. So should you.

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