Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Kerry "Heresy" Case Takes New Turn

When it comes to making excuses about his stance on abortion, I do believe that Mr. Kerry will no longer be able to pass off the tired old “I oppose… but” argument any longer. Nor will other pro-choice Catholic politicians for that matter. Not if Marc Balestrieri, head of a conservative Catholic group called De Fide, has his way. That’s because Marc has cleverly obtained a letter from Canon Lawyer, Father Basil Cole, at the request of Father Augustine Di Noia, third-ranking official in the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which unofficially confirms the Churches position of excommunication because he supports a woman's right to an abortion. Fidele Ecclesia reported the Heresy charges Marc Balestrieri filed with Archdiocese of Boston back in June here. Ruters reported today that Balestrieri had hoodwinked the Church by misrepresenting himself.

Balestrieri told Reuters he wanted to point out "the growing misunderstanding by Catholics that they can publicly call themselves Catholics and support the right to choose abortion."

This really quite serious and I can’t imagine how Kerry and other so-called Catholic politicians are going to wiggle out of this one. US Bishops have been reluctant to call these politicians on this issue for many years. I remember Democratic Governor Mario Cuomo, and Vice Presidential candidate Geraldine Ferraro under tremendous scrutiny from Cardinal O’Connor back in the Eighties. And it‘s gotten progressively more prevalent today. It now seems the rubber has met the proverbial road. Also reporting this story is

Fr. Cole’s complete response to Marc Balestrieri’s query

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