Saturday, September 25, 2004

Life Matters!

As a Pro-Life Floridian it pains me to contemplate that I live in a state where there are people (Michael Schiavo) that would be so adamant to end a life, and lawyers so eager to help him. Even if the ruling is the proper ruling according to Florida law, it still begs the question why? Why go through all the trouble to end one woman’s life? Especially when she had loving parents that would care for her.

With all the Pro-Life groups against Michael Schiavo, and all the groups fighting for life, the life of Terri, not to mention the Governor coming to Terri's aid as he did, wouldn't you think Mr. Schiavo would get the hint that he's doing something wrong here? This is a moral tragedy, and this State will be worse off for it. This nation is worse off for it as well.

You have to be Pro-Life to understand how tragic this ruling is. Simply being a secularist, examining the law, and coming to the conclusion this was the right decision is cold and heartless. It's all about faith and hope...that's what matters, not language and law.

As for the lawyers who fought to end Terri's life, I feel sorry for them, and all I can do is pray that God shows mercy and the Holy Spirit comes into their lives and changes their hearts. As for the Lawyers who defended Terri's life, I pray that God continues to bless you with the Grace, wisdom and courage to continue the good fight. As for Gov. Jeb Bush, I salute you and your courage to fight for Terri and for Life. It takes immense courage for a Governor to take a stand for Life, especially in this polarized political climate. I continue to pray for Terri and her family as does many around this State and nation like Life Matters!.

Also of note: Bioethicist Comments on State Supreme Court’s Ruling


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