Monday, October 12, 2009

Abortion: The Heart and Soul of Obama?s Health Care Plan

Abortion: The Heart and Soul of Obama?s Health Care Plan

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Anonymous said...

I doubt that funding for abortion is part of the plan, but it should be.

If the government engages in a policy, such as "spending" money to provide abortion services which results in a large net savings of money, is it really the same as "spending money" on abortion?

The issue isn't whether or not the government will subsidize or spend money on abortion but rather whether the government will implement a policy that will save it a tremendous amount of money.


I think we should selectively raise taxes on abortion opponents so that they pay back everyone else for all of the money their silly religion is costing us.

Nick France said...

Your comment lacked any substance, Anonymous. I always love the brave ones that are too chicken to use their own name. What's the matter, aren't you proud of your stance? Abortion is killing -- killing is never the answer to anything. If you think that it is, then you lack the intelligence to come up with solutions to societal issues. Anyone that thinks that "kill it" is the answer, is wrongheaded. And I, nor a great many others, want to pay for it with our taxes.

You want an abortion? Pay for it with your own money, deadbeat.