Thursday, January 08, 2009

Richard John Neuhaus, 1936–2009

Today the United States lost a great man in Father Richard John Neuhaus. He was with out a doubt one of our nations greatest thinkers and a personal hero of mine. During my transition from liberal, secular Democrat to conservative, Catholic Republican it was Fr. Neuhaus' writing that gave me clarity of thought as I discovered my Catholic roots and my absence of any political thought at all. Once armed with his writing and sacred scripture, of course, embracing conservatism steeped in Catholicism made the only sense at all, for me.

First Cardinal Avery Dulles, a short month ago, and now Father Richard John Neuhaus -- this nation, and American Catholicism has lost two tremendous leaders. Who will fill their shoes?

First Things editor Joseph Bottum wrote this today:
Our great, good friend is gone.

Fr. Richard John Neuhaus slipped away today, January 8, shortly before 10 o’clock, at the age of seventy-two. He never recovered from the weakness that sent him to the hospital the day after Christmas, caused by a series of side effects from the cancer he was suffering. He lost consciousness Tuesday evening after a collapse in his heart rate, and soon after, in the company of friends, he died.

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Richard John Neuhaus dies of cancer
Victor Morton and Julia Duin, THE WASHINGTON TIMES

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