Friday, October 24, 2008

Chicago TV station bans pro-life ad

An ABC television station in Chicago is refusing to run a pro-life commercial.

An organization called Caring Outreach bought time to run a commercial called "85 Days," depicting a baby's growth through the first few months of life in the womb. Spokeswoman Jean Synovic tells OneNewsNow that television station WLS rejected the ad. She talked with corporate attorneys in New York for an explanation.

"They felt that some of the fetuses shown -- and they used the word 'fetus' -- during some portions of the ad were not the age that was stated or implied," Synovic explains.

Synovic points out that her group provided attorneys proof of the validity of the commercial's content, but the verdict was the same. She adds that other television stations do not agree with WLS conclusions. "Three ABC networks are showing this ad in Wisconsin and another in Maine, so it's not like the ad's not on the air anywhere else in the country," she concludes. "It is being shown."

According to, Oprah was slated to air the ad, but it has not yet appeared on the program. Caring Outreach has contacted ABC, requesting a "fairness check" to see if the pro-life commercial meets the same standards as other commercials.

Synovic believes the Chicago decision represents viewpoint discrimination. If the fairness check proves that the pro-life commercial completes the requirements for ABC, Synovic plans to sue the network.

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