Thursday, April 17, 2008

Pope 2008: Sirius Catholics

Gus_2Good friend Gus Lloyd, Sirius Radio Catholic Channel morning guy and executive editor of the National Catholic Register, Tom "The Tremendous One" Hoopes talk it up on Gus' show "Seize the Day" on Sirius Channel 159...

Tom Hoopes here. I'm sitting in the press box waiting to go on the air with Sirius Catholic radio. I am to be interviewed by Gus Lloyd, with whom I spent an eventful evening last night.

The tough thing with Gus is to get him to stay on topic. If you want to hear me trying desperately to say wise, insightful things about the Pope while Gus doggedly attempts to talk about our adventures escaping from an overpriced K Street bistro and then attempting to order food in an understaffed bar (neither of us had much experience with bars) listen on the Catholic Channel, Sirius Channel 159."

Pope 2008: Sirius Catholics

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