Monday, March 24, 2008

Catholic-Bashing - Politics on The Huffington Post

It's not everyday I read the Huffington Post, but for some reason I happened upon it today and found this post. I have to hand it to John Leo for telling it as it is and the Huffington Post for giving it ink, err... pixels.

"Barack Obama isn't the only presidential contender with a prominent bigot among his supporters. John McCain accepted the endorsement of Pastor John Hagee, who regularly attacks the Catholic Church as 'the great whore of Revelation,' a 'false cult system,' and 'the anti-Christ.' McCain deflected concern about Hagee's bigotry simply by saying he does not endorse all the opinions of people who back him. 'He says he has never been anti-Catholic,' McCain added, 'but I repudiate the words that create that impression.'"

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