Thursday, November 16, 2006

Anti-Life Movement Assertion False

This is in response to the op-ed titled, “The Anti-Life Movement” written by Christian Beenfeldt of the Ayn Rand Institute on Nov. 9, 2006.

Dear Christian,

Your assertion of the proposed law to outlaw abortion that voters in South Dakota rejected - to not be a blow to the sanctity of life is a patently false one. Your California liberal mentality is dripping all over your letter. You claim the real “lives” at risk here are the lives of living, thinking, breathing woman - and not the 4000 innocent humans, both male and female, aborted in this country each and everyday. You don’t even call them human, you are very careful to claim them to be embryos and primitive fetuses.

You go on to make the ridiculous argument of the rare and insignificant amount of abortions as a result of rape. Of the 4000 abortions each day how many do you suppose are a result of rape?

You speak of carrying and raising a child as 18 years of enslavement, when it is a blessing from God. But your demented worldview prevents you from understanding this. You speak of women in terms of being forced to endure the misery of an unwanted pregnancy and the incredible burdens of child rearing, yet you never mention the fact that the consequences of elicit sexual behavior results in the sobering thought that a life is likely to be the fruit of this behavior. You would rather kill innocent human lives to preserve the immoral, decadent lifestyles that the culture of death has championed for too many years now.

Why do you believe having a child is an obstacle to a woman’s hopes and dreams, or her personal ambitions and chances of happiness? Did it ever occur to you that the child she is carrying might just be the source of such happiness? You have no way of knowing it wouldn’t be just that, and the moment you abort, you never will.

And don’t even get me started on partial-birth abortion, that you so glowingly embrace. This is the most barbaric procedure ever, and the fact that we allow this to happen in this country speaks to the fact that we’ve sunk to an all-time low of epic proportions.

The Pro-Life movement is the defender of “lives, “ the lives that matter – the innocent unborn children, not the “no-consequence” fornicating, mindless parents who kill their children without a care. But the fact is they do care. The problem is they don’t realize they do, until it’s too late. And that’s when the Pro-Life movement comes in again, to pick up their lives, and let them know that God forgives them and they should forgive themselves.

The pro-abortion understanding of handling a pregnancy is to just kill it. “Kill it, it’s only a fetus, a lump of tissue,” they say. Well it’s not – it’s a human life, and we must do better because women deserve better, and America should be above this.

If you feel that having a child is going to ruin your life so badly, then give it up for adoption but don’t choose to kill it – is that too much to ask? I contend that the women of this country and the country as a whole will be better for it. And that’s what the South Dakota legislature believes, and without the lobbying of misguided, pro-abortion advocates the law would have been upheld. One day, this country will come to its senses and look back at this period in our history and wonder – wonder how we even let this happen for so long, much like slavery. That’s my prayer and I have all the confidence in the youth of this great nation to carry it out. Let’s abolish the ban of abortion at the federal level and fight it out at the state level. At least we “the people” would be able to legislate with our feet if nothing else.

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