Friday, July 22, 2005

Christian adoption agency will allow Catholics

Okay, it’s time for a little Christian charity, not the monetary kind but rather charity in kindness. When a wrong is righted one must acknowledge the correction in kindness and respect.

I’m happy to say that the Bethany Christian Service’s board voted unanimously to reverse the rejection of Robert and Sandy Steadman’s application to adopt a baby, simply because of their Catholic Faith.

I must admit I was taken back at first when I learned of this discrimination, outraged would be a more precise description, however I am equally pleased with their recent reversal of policy. It has restored my hope for all Christians to work together in ecumenical harmony as the body of Christ, to promote and foster the culture of life.

I cannot stress how important it is for all Christians, both Protestant and Catholics alike, to work together in this culture war. If the devil is successful in dividing Christians (as is his plan) then the fight to reverse Roe vs. Wade will be even harder. I believe that there will come a day when this erroneous Supreme Court decision (in my opinion) will be reversed and then it will be up to the individual states to decide the constitutionality of legal abortion on demand.

One step at a time, for now we must band together as Christians, not only for the sake of the culture war, but for the sake of acting as the true body of Christ. Are we not identified as Christians by our love? Thank you Bethany Services for showing us all love, big move and I applaud you!

WorldNetDaily: Christian adoption agency will allow Catholics

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