Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Michael Schiavo on 'Nightline'

As someone from the Tampa Bay area, and quite familiar with this case, the Nightline interview with Shiavo and Felos was as transparent as it gets for me. He is not the poor soul the media would have you believe he is.

When will someone who interviews this guy, ask him why- if he's moved on with his life, and is cohabitating and fornicating with his new girlfriend, why then does he get to be viewed by the press, and more importantly the courts, as the loving husband - when in fact, he has moved on and is not? The media allows Schiavo (and Felos) to paint this picture of a poor soul sitting by Terri's bed every day sobbing and praying for her.

The culture of death is all around us. Pray hard folks!

Here's the transcript:
ABC News: Transcript: Michael Schiavo on 'Nightline'

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