Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Pro-Abort "Catholic" Congressman Suggests Catholic Church's Tax Status be Revoked

ST. LOUIS, July 12, 2004 (LifeSiteNews.com) - The conflict in the US Catholic Church over the issue of communion for pro-abortion public figures has again revealed the wide chasm between faithful and dissident Catholics.

Congressman William Lacy Clay, another "Catholic" Democrat who supports abortion on demand, has said that his Archbishop, Raymond Burke of St. Louis, has "gone too far." Rep.Clay has complained that Burke, one of the few US bishops who has said he would order his priests to refuse communion to public abortion-supporters, is crossing the Church/State line. He suggests that the Catholic Church ought to have its tax-free status revoked for engaging in political activity.

The Congressman from St. Louis was among the 40 Catholics who voted "no" to the federal partial birth abortion ban.

"I think Archbishop Burke has gone too far; he is now delving into politics," Clay said.

"Perhaps the Catholic Church should surrender their 501(c) status." Rep. Clay received a rating of "100" in 2000 from NARAL Pro-Choice America's list.


I think Congressman William Lacy Clay has gone too far frankly. He thinks Archbishop, Raymond Burke is delving into politics? Has he read or heard one word that Archbishop Burke has said? Congressman Clay doesn't get it. When is he going to realize this is not about politics, and realize it's about the Blessed Sacrament? Memo to Congressman Cay... wake up man, stop dissenting and take the guidance of your bishop; he's trying to save your soul!


Dave said...

It's odd to see the Communion issue getting inexorably sucked into the presidential campaign. Kennedy deflected the whole Catholic issue in 1960, but it doesn't seem like Kerry is going to be able to sidestep it so easily.

Nick France said...

I hate to see the Eucharist dragged into the political sceen. The Media wont relent, so I fight back-- to say the truth. Kennedy never had these issues, and it was a rough rode to the White House. If he did, he would have never made it. Legal abortion, same-sex marriage were not even on the radar for him.