Friday, June 18, 2004

Our Children Learn What We Teach Them

by Nick France

The Iraqi prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib shocked and outraged Americans, and rightly so, but can you honestly say you were surprised? With American Universities such as Penn State University promoting and holding events like "Sex Fair," is it any wonder the generation of the famous Pfc. Lyndie England has become a generation, acting on what they’ve learned from an immoral society? "Sex Fair," included "orgasm bingo" and a "tent of consent." Universities are sponsoring "porn-fests". I was shocked to learn that for eleven years now, Western University celebrates "National Outdoor Intercourse Day" annually. Lecturers sponsor workshops like the "Whip Enthusiasts Group."

While Democrats scream for Rumsfeld’s head, it’s liberals demands for pornography, homosexuality, and access to our youth that set the stage at Abu Ghraib. The ACLU has defiled the very meaning of freedom by defending groups like the North American Man/Boy Love Association (Nambla) where they publish how to molest children.

Americans are no longer free from the constant barrage of in-your-face sexual images on a daily basis, and our youths are the most targeted. Our society is constantly being desensitized and conditioned to sexual deviance. The porn industry has exploded, especially on the Internet, and Congress does nothing. Elicit posters to promote gay and lesbian groups are aloud on campus, but a tile with a Christian message to express grief for murdered classmates from a student at Columbine is forbidden.

Although under legal attack, Shock radio has already left its mark on our young. While our young soldiers were graduating High School, Assemblyman Dennis Mountjoy (R) was working on a bill to combat the sexually explicit materials promoting homosexuality in public schools. Materials include a book called "Young, Gay, & Proud," that states,

"There are a lot of ways for gay men to have enjoyable sex…You may have to practice a bit before it starts feeling really good."

I pity the teacher that gives that book to one of my children.

Yes there's blame to go around in the military for the prisoner abuses, but liberals, legislators, gay activists, Planned Parenthood, and public educators need to accept responsibility for the growing sadistic and sexually perverse nature of American society.

What a stark contrast from the Veterans of WW II’s lyrics of popular music of their day and the pornographic rap lyrics in the minds of soldiers today.

The blame for the abuse at Abu Ghraib rests on those who in-fact committed the abuse, and in no way reflects the behavior of the proud, brave young men and women laying their lives on the line over seas. They are fighting bravely among some of the most barbaric terrorists on the face of the planet.

In fact, the atrocity committed to Nick Berg, in which Nick was be-headed while his executioners screamed, "God is great" then video taped it and then broadcasted on an Islamic web site really paints a picture of the kind of animals our solders are dealing with. It also puts the whole Iraqi prisoner abuse in a different perspective. It certainly did for me. I know if I was in a military prison, and I was given the choice of having my head chopped of or having my head donned by a pair of panties…well, do I even have to say it?

Like all of America, my heart goes out to the family of Nicholas Berg. I felt sick and disgusted when I heard the news of his ordeal. I immediately prayed for them and continue to do so.

Although there is no moral equivalent of what the terrorists did to Nick Berg and what our soldiers did at Abu Ghraib we must not resort to their tactics, and serve and fight with honor. We must teach our children better.

We all must share in the blame for this. Because we didn’t actively complain enough when we heard shock radio, pubic school pornography and rap music lyrics, we contributed to the society we have today, and we failed to protect our children. We need to support organizations that fight for our values and traditions. We should demand our legislators clean up the media and our schools.

Our precious sons and daughters, grandsons and granddaughters, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives are risking it all to secure peace and freedom in Iraq, they need our support and respect as well as our prayers.

It is true that America needs to seriously review what is being taught in our schools, all schools, not just public but private as well. Also, America needs to examine what is being aired and written about in the media. Our children learn what we teach them. †

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